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Jennifer Rackley - Administrator

I am proud to serve as the Administrator of San Angelo Christian Academy. Having been deeply involved with San Angelo Christian Academy for many years, serving on the Board of Directors for eight years prior to accepting the position as Administrator in 2012, I am tremendously proud of how our school has grown and continues to develop. My background in Special Education and years of teaching experience help me support our teachers and students with creativity and practical guidance. SACA was my school of choice for my own children. My husband and I are the proud parents of two SACA graduates. I believe wholeheartedly in the mission of San Angelo Christian Academy, providing a Christ-centered education that fosters excellence and God-given talents. Working with such a talented group of educators and our fantastic students makes every day a great day to be a Lion!






Welcome to San Angelo Christian Academy. Our goal is to:

  • provide academic excellence while integrating faith with learning.
  • provide an environment that exemplifies and requires strong Christian character including self-discipline, respect for authority, and respect for God and others.
  • equip children for righteousness by providing opportunities for continued spiritual growth.
  • do the work of Christ in our community.

We are located at 518 Country Club Road in San Angelo, Texas. You may contact us at 325-651-8363 or at this email address.

"Come be a part of our family!"

Dear Parents,

I want to invite you to take a few moments to think about the unique, private education that is available to your children within the city of San Angelo. San Angelo Christian Academy offers a total educational program for students, but it also provides an environment and a focus that is not available in many places. Answer these questions for yourself and for your child.

Would I like my child to be in a school environment without physical intimidation or fear of intimidation, without continuous exposure to negativism, apathy, or moral uncleanness?

What would it mean for my child to be around teachers, coaches, and staff all day, every day, who are devoted Christians who teach and model a godly way of life based on His Word?

How would my child be affected by daily participation in chapel led by his/her teachers, coaches, administrators and classmates?

What effect would daily Bible class from a planned curriculum have on my child’s spiritual growth and relationship with God?

How would my child’s life be changed if he/she could be an active member of a school organization, band, or athletic team where their participation was needed, sought, and encouraged?

How would my child’s wellbeing and future be changed by being in a class and school peer group who chose the school for its values, where students were admitted to and remained in the school because of their record of motivation and good behavior?

SAISD is a good public school system. They provide many of the same educational opportunities that San Angelo Christian Academy does and, in some areas, more. They are, however, prevented by law from providing some of the things that SACA provides and are restrained by culture and regulations from being able to assure some of the others.

San Angelo Christian Academy is not an elite school that screens out the average student. It is not a reform school for rebellious children. Families that send their children to a Christian school often make great sacrifices for their children’s benefit. I think the special difference is that everyone is of the same mindset. Everyone knows what is expected and what the points of focus are: academic growth and responsible behavior to develop the whole student.

We would love to visit with you personally about San Angelo Christian Academy and how it might serve your child and your family.

Sincerely in Christ,

Administration, San Angelo Christian Academy


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